Ohio Nurse Practice Act (1 Hour): Law and Rules - Category A
Health and Behavior: Techniques to Facilitate Change in Patients
Diabetes Type 2 Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment
Bloodborne Pathogens Training: OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Abuse: Recognition and Reporting for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals
Asthma Patient Care
Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics for Texas: Standards of Nursing Practice
Telephone Triage: Best Practice and Systems for Telehealth Nursing
Suicide Prevention Training Program for Washington Healthcare Professionals (6 Hours): Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for West Virginia Nurses: Mental Health Conditions Common to Veterans
Infection Control Training for New York State Healthcare Professionals
Ohio Nurse Practice Act (2 Hours): Law and Rules - Category A
Forensic Evidence Collection for Texas Nurses: Sexual Assault Examination Guidelines
Human Trafficking Training for Florida Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals: Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking Training for Michigan Healthcare Professionals: Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking
Prevention of Medical Errors for Florida Healthcare Professionals
Infection Control: Preventing and Controlling Infectious Diseases, including COVID-19
Mental Health Crises: Intervention and Support for Patients
Elder Care
Prostate Cancer: Current Approaches in Nursing Care and Patient Management
Novel Coronaviruses including COVID-19: Mutations, Variants, and Vaccines
Metabolic Syndrome: Risk, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Older Adult and Geriatric Care for Texas Nurses
Human Trafficking: Victim Recognition and Intervention for Healthcare Professionals
Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Texas Healthcare Practitioners
Incontinence: Patient Care and Treatment
Pregnancy Complications: Medical Management, Nursing Care, and Patient Teaching
Clinical Care for the Heart Failure Patient
Medical Errors: Prevention and Patient Safety
Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment: Assessment, Wound Care, and Healing
Diabetes in Children and Adolescents: Symptoms and Management
Wound Care

End-of-Life, Palliative, and Hospice-Care
Non-Cancer Pain Management for New Mexico Advanced Practice Nurses (rev)
Pain and Pain Symptom Management for Michigan Nurses
Pain Management for Oregon Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals (rev)
Pain Management
Breast Cancer
Understanding Mental Illness for All Healthcare Professionals
Sexual Harassment Training
Sexual Harassment Training for Illinois Healthcare Professionals
LGBTQ Cultural Competence Training approved for Washington, DC (as per a public health priorities education for nurses)
COVID-19: The Impact of a Pandemic on Mental Health
Substance Abuse Education for Delaware Nurses (Rev)
Prescription Drug and Controlled Substance Abuse
Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace for Florida Nurses (rev)
Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace (rev)
Cultural Competency, including Caring for LGBTQ+ Patients
Workplace Violence and Safety
Fall Prevention
Suicide Risk and Prevention for Kentucky Nurses
Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention among Veterans
Suicide Prevention and Screening
Suicide Intervention and Prevention
HIV/AIDS Training for Washington Healthcare Professionals (7 Hours)
HIV/AIDS Training for Washington Healthcare Professionals (4 Hours)
HIV/AIDS for Florida Healthcare Professionals
HIV/AIDS Training and Education for Healthcare Professionals
Florida Laws and Rules for Nursing
Domestic Violence Education for Kentucky Nurses