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Depression: Music Therapy Interventions
Course Description
Music Therapy (MT) is a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) which can alleviate symptoms of an illness and improve overall well-being, as well as enhance allopathic treatment modalities, making it appropriate for use in various healthcare settings. Scientific evidences about the effective healing power of Music are growing. In this course, a Music Therapist Professor will teach you effective interventions in MT for the treatment of Depression, sleeping disorders and Stress that you will be able to incorporate into your practice to improve patient outcomes. MT is non-invasive, safe, and largely without side effects.
Activity Summary
This activity offers a high-level training in evidence-based interventions in music therapy to treat patients experiencing Depression, sleeping disorders and Stress but also to empower them with selfcare.
Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this activity, participants should be better able to:
• Utilize evidence-based approaches to deal with Depression, Sleeping disorders and Stress
• Understand Music role in Sleep induction
• Assist in improving sleep quality of patients with acute and chronic sleep disorders.
• Use Music for the management of stress and stress-related health issues.
• Manage symptoms of anxiety and depression

Angelo Molino

  • Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in Music Therapy
  • Master Degree in Art Therapy
  • Master Degree in early childhood music education (Model Orff Schulwerk/ Edwin Gordon’s MLT)
  • Master Degree in Special Education
  • European Board-certified music therapist
  • State Italian Conservatory Degree (old order, 10 years) in Piano and Composition
  • Adjunct professor of music at the Santa Ana College, California
  • Member of the World Federation of Music Therapy